The Castle of Rubbia was founded at the end of the 90s as wine tourism project. The business began once again the old tradition of wine making which had been started in the 16th century by the Counts of Egg. The estate lies in San Michele del Carso in the province of Gorizia. It has a vineyard with 13 hectares and the historic castle which is being restored. It is surrounded by 170 hectares of woodland and 16 kilometres of trenches and underground embrasures from the First World War.

The Castle of Rubbia has decided to make the most of the native vines of the Carso, such as Terrano, Vitovska and Malvasia which best represent the distinctiveness and characteristics of the area. The characteristic red soil, the product of a geological phenomenon called Carso, is rich in iron and lime. Here drought alternates with the local wind, the Bora, and the vines give us grapes from which we make dry, full-bodied wines, which have complemented the local gastronomy for centuries.

2007 Castello di Rubbia - Grad Rubije - San Michele del Carso, Gorizia - Italia - - P.IVA 00545340317